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Licensing news

Guidance on re-opening caravan and camping sites

29 March 2021

Government guidance on easing restrictions on caravan and camping sites in England.

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Steps: restrictions from 29 March 2021

26 March 2021

Step-by-step guidance on the pathway out of the current Covid restrictions.

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Guidance on outdoor spaces

26 February 2021

Government guidance on the four-step road map for easing restrictions in England.

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Licensing coronavirus update: 7 Jan - National lockdown

07 January 2021

View a summary of the main restrictions that are likely to be most relevant to your business during the national lockdown

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Licensing coronavirus update: 4 Jan

04 January 2021

Find out what the main restrictions are likely to be for your business in Tier 3

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Tier 2: High Alert Q & A’s for businesses

03 December 2020

Clarification for businesses on the key issues arising from the recently introduced regulations

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Tier 2: high alert restrictions from 2 December 2020

02 December 2020

Updated information as Shropshire moves out of lockdown.

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National restrictions from 5 November 2020

05 November 2020

Find out the latest changes to serving food and drink during the lockdown

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Premises restrictions and events from 24 September 2020

25 September 2020

Information on business restrictions to close between 10pm and 5am, and service of food and drink for consumption ‘on’ the premises.

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Reopening licensed premises

07 July 2020

Health and safety support for businesses reopening from 4 July.

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