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Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Package (SITP)

Background and vision

The Marches Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) has identified Shrewsbury as an ‘urban powerhouse’ and ‘growth point’, and therefore key to the economic wellbeing of Shropshire. It also acknowledges the Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Package (SITP) as a priority project for Shropshire because of the important role transport plays in a successful economy.

To secure funding for the SITP, we've submitted a transport business case to The Marches LEP which demonstrates how the SITP will support the delivery of long-term economic benefits and sustainable growth for Shrewsbury and the surrounding area.

The proposed SITP aligns closely with a number of national, regional and local policy documents. These include The Marches Strategic Economic Plan, Local Transport Plan, Local Development Framework, Place Plan, and regeneration plans. These strategies make it clear that transport investment should benefit all modes of transport and respect and enhance the environment.

The core objectives of the SITP are:

  • To contribute to economic growth; new jobs and new homes
  • To alleviate congestion on the inner relief road; improving key junctions, and altering junction priorities
  • To reduce the volume of traffic flows through the historic and commercial town centre
  • To improve the reliability of journey times; for commuters and visitors travelling in and out of Shrewsbury
  • To improve air quality in the town centre
  • To encourage sustainable modes of transport by adding missing links to current pedestrian and cycle routes
  • To enhance the built environment; which will promote a more positive experience and the visitor economy
  • To improve safety for all road users, which will encourage the use of sustainable transport modes

What's in the SITP?

It's a package of transport measures designed to improve the transport system in Shrewsbury, and stimulate a new period of sustainable economic growth within the town and the surrounding area. The proposed package includes:

  • Key junction improvements at Reabrook Roundabout, Meole Brace Roundabout, English Bridge Gyratory and Coleham Head. These would involve upgrading current highway infrastructure, including traffic signals to improve vehicle capacity and pedestrian and cycle facilities, with the aim of reducing congestion
  • Implementing further phases of the SCOOT* network to improve traffic signal operation and manage traffic flows on main arterial routes. This would include new VMS (variable message signage), which would direct town centre through-traffic onto the inner relief road or, alternatively, towards car parks and park and ride facilities.

* SCOOT (split cycle offset optimisation technique) is a technology for managing and maximising the efficiency of traffic signal junctions in urban areas.

  • Enhancements to pedestrian and cycle links to increase accessibility to the town centre for active and sustainable modes of transport, and improve awareness of these links in Shrewsbury
  • Improved pedestrian wayfinding* within and around the ‘river loop’ to generate a highly accessible and connected town centre for pedestrians

*Wayfinding within SITP refers to information systems that guide people through and around the town, and enhance their understanding and experience of it.

  • Enhancements to the public realm*, such as Pride Hill, Shrewsbury Square and Mardol to improve the public realm and highlight pedestrian facilities. This closely links to the traffic management measures

*The public realm refers to all the spaces between buildings that can be freely accessed, it encompasses all outdoor areas including roads, parks, squares, pedestrian routes and cycleways.

SITP funding

Funding for the proposed SITP has been secured and will comprise a total of £12.1m of investment in the town. This has been secured through the following sources:

  • c.50% funded through The Marches LEP Regional Growth Fund
  • c.50% funded through Shropshire Council’s developer contributions

Consultation, design and procurement is taking place in 2016. The outline construction programme is set out below:



Key Junctions :

Meole Brace Roundabout

Reabrook Roundabout

Coleham Head

English Bridge Gyratory






Pride Hill




Variable message signs


Town centre packages


Sustainable Corridors / Pedestrian and Cycle route Enhancement


Pedestrian Wayfinding


Further information

All background information relating to the SITP is attached to this page.

Key junctions improvements and works updates


Under the SITP improvement work is being carried out between February and December 2017 to improve four major junctions around the ‘inner bypass’, at Meole Brace roundabout, Sutton Park roundabout, Reabrook roundabout, and English Bridge Gyratory/Coleham Head, including improved crossings at many of these junctions.

Meole Brace roundabout – 10 February to 30 May

Work to create a new link road and shared-use pathway through Meole Brace roundabout in Shrewsbury, and to upgrade the existing traffic signals at the island. Our press release gives more information about this work. We've also put together a document showing the various stages of construction from different aerial views.

Sutton Park roundabout: 10 April to 7 May

Resurfacing work on the roundabout. Find out more about this work.

Reabrook roundabout: 8 May to 28 July

Work to improve and resurface the roundabout, including: carriageway widening to improve traffic flows; cycleway and footway crossing improvements; improved street lighting; drainage work, and resurfacing.

Haycock Way will be closed entirely and Old Potts Way will be closed from Scott Street to the roundabout, with signed diversions in place (see map below), and two-way traffic lights on Pritchard Way and Bage Way.

Take a look at our press release for more information about this work.

English Bridge gyratory / Coleham Head: 31 July to late October

The upgrading of footway materials to improve the aesthetic appearance of the area; improvements to footway and cycle facilities along Abbey Foregate; and upgrading the traffic signals and pedestrian crossing facilities. Regular progress updates will be added to this page once work is underway. Take a look at a plan of the work at the gyratory, and the plan of work at Coleham Head.

Update - 24 August 2017

Works are progressing as planned, with the northern footway revised layout beginning to take shape. The current traffic management layouts have had minimal impact on traffic, which is flowing well around the gyratory system. Temporary pedestrian facilities are in place and local businesses are being liaised with and accommodated within the working areas.

Works will commence at Coleham Head / Londgen Road junction on Tuesday 29 August under temporary traffic signals with closure of old Coleham junction.

The Old Abbey Foregate junction (up to Railway Lane) will be closed on Tuesday 29 August to allow the works to progress at this junction. Temporary diversion routes will be in operation.

Our leaflet gives more information about the work. Copies of the leaflet are also available from Abbey Foregate Post Office.

Gyratory system update - 14 August 2017

To date works are progressing as planned. We have undertaken the clearance of the existing splitter islands, decommissioned the Abbey Foregate traffic signals, removed redundant signage and partially cleared some of the old footway paving.

Traffic management arrangements were successfully adjusted and scaled back to accommodate the Flower Show last weekend.

Temporary walkways are in place and traffic is flowing well under the current lane closures, with no significant delays. The works on Old Potts Way have been partially completed and the planned one-way closure [on Old Potts Way] will no longer be required.

Update - 7 September 2017

Works at English Bridge Gyratory are continuing as planned, with areas of new footway surfacing completed between English Bridge and The Abbey. A number of compliments have been received from members of the public regarding the finish.

Temporary footways and crossing points are in place, with access maintained to businesses and to the Sixth Form College. The closure of Old Abbey Foregate and related diversion is in place and operating as planned. Local bars are taking advantage of the closure by holding a street festival.

Traffic signals at Coleham Head are now in operation. Whilst there are some minor delays at peak times the signals are being manually controlled by our contractor to minimise disruption as much as possible.

Update - 27 September 2017

English Bridge gyratory update

Work at the gyratory is progressing as planned. Footpath resurfacing works on the northern footway have been completed, with large sections being opened to pedestrians. New signing and street furniture is being installed throughout and the new traffic signal equipment is due to be installed in early October. Work has now begun on the southern footpath with pedestrians being diverted along the northern section.

The first phase of the Old Abbey Foregate works has been completed and the junction has been reopened to traffic. Following requests from local businesses the footway improvement works are being extended up to Railway Lane. This work will begin on 16 October and is due to be completed by 5 November.

Traffic is flowing well around the gyratory with some minor delays at the Coleham Head junction during peak times, and every effort is being made to minimise disruption.

There will be a one-way closure of the Coleham exit off the gyratory for one night on 9 October.

The night time (8pm to 6am) resurfacing of the gyratory and all approach roads is due to begin on 30 October, when the gyratory and all approach roads will be closed to through traffic, with access being maintained for residents and businesses only. The planned completion for this phase of the work is 10 November.

Coleham Head update

A number of unforeseen drainage issues have been encountered at Coleham Head meaning this part of the work will now take an estimated three weeks longer than originally planned. The temporary traffic lights and closure of Old Coleham will remain in operation for this period.

Resurfacing work will now start at Coleham Head on the evening of 23 October for two nights (from 8pm to 6am), and from 6am on 25 October until 6am on 26 October there will be a 24 hour closure of Coleham Head junction, to enable the road to be excavated and reconstructed in the vicinity of the new island. The resurfacing will be finished off on the evening of 27 October, between 8pm and 6am.

Update - 11 October 2017

Footpath enhancement and re-paving work at the English Bridge gyratory is continuing as planned and is due to be completed by early November. Traffic and pedestrian management is operating well with no significant delays or impact.

New traffic signals, signing and street furniture is beginning to be installed with the new improved pedestrian crossing facilities due to be operational by mid-November.

The extension of the footway improvement works on Old Abbey Foregate will now begin on 23 October.

The additional drainage works at Coleham Head are nearing completion and the new crossing facilities, improved junction layout and landscaping are due to be completed by the end of October.

Update - 2 November 2017

Footway paving works at English Bridge gyratory are now nearing completion, with the upgraded and improved footway and cycle facilities in operation along the northern section.

The traffic lights and signal equipment are being installed and are due to be in operation in the week commencing 13 November.

The night-time closure for carriageway resurfacing will commence this evening (Wednesday 1 November) with the gyratory and all approach roads being closed from 8pm until 6am for the next 10 weekday nights. Work is due to be completed by 6am on 15 November.

Pedestrian access will be maintained during the closure, with site staff posted at each closure point to advise if necessary. There are still some temporary walkways and crossing points in operation along Abbey Foregate and the gyratory, until the traffic signals are fully operational.

Anybody needing to access residential properties within the closure will be escorted through; anyone needing access to properties outside the closure will need to follow the relevant signed diversion route.

Coleham Head junction is now completed, with the new upgraded mini roundabout fully functional and operating well. The improved crossing facilities on Coleham Head and Moreton Crescent are being well utilised by pedestrian and cyclists.

The extended works down Old Abbey Foregate have commenced, with the footways being widened and paving upgraded up to Railway Lane.

Town centre improvements

Once the key junction improvements are completed, a programme of enhancement works in Shrewsbury town centre will be carried out.

This work is set to begin early in 2018 and be completed by autumn 2018. 

Improvements in the town centre will incorporate a range of traffic management and public realm enhancements as a part of the overall SITP.

The locations of the improvements include:

  • Town Centre Gateway at English Bridge / Abbey Foregate;
  • “Light touch” enhancement of existing spaces at The Square;
  • “High Street Style” improvements at Mardol and Roushill;
  • Junction improvements at Dogpole, Town Walls / Belmont, Murivance / Swan Hill, Murivance / St. John’s Hill, Murivance / Quarry and Mardol / Smithfield Road;
  • Junction improvements at Bellstone / Shoplatch and Mardol / Roushill;
  • College Zone at Claremont Bank; and
  • Pride Hill Enhancement - find out more from the work plan.

Wyle Cop and English Bridge enhancements -
January to March 2018

Work is due to start on Monday 8 January 2018 to upgrade the footways – and resurface the road – between Wyle Cop and English Bridge in Shrewsbury.

The work is due to last approximately nine weeks, and road users are being alerted to some road closures while the work is carried out.

This work is being carried out as part of the Shrewsbury Integrated Transport Package (SITP) and will include the upgrading of footway and kerbing materials with natural stone products, plus carriageway resurfacing.  The aim is to enhance and improve the area and complete the new Abbey Foregate ‘gateway’ to the town centre.

Footway re-paving and kerbing

The footway re-paving will be done in two phases. The southern footway (the Lion & Pheasant side) will be carried out in phase 1. The northern section (on the NCP car park side of the road) will be carried out in phase 2.

While the footway re-paving and kerbing work is carried out, the footways will be closed and temporary walkways will be provided for pedestrians. Access will be maintained to businesses and residential properties.

Meanwhile, Wyle Cop will be closed to traffic in a downhill direction (heading out of town) for the duration of the footway and kerbing work, and a signed diversion route will be in place.

Carriageway resurfacing

The resurfacing work will take place overnight, between 8pm and 6am, for five nights – starting on Monday 26 February. During these times Wyle Cop will be closed in both directions and Beeches Lane (Town Walls) will also be closed.

The St Julian’s Crescent one-way system will be reversed, with traffic exiting via Beeches Lane. Access into St Julian’s Crescent will be via English Bridge, and all vehicles will need to wait to be escorted through the closure. A drawing of the proposed footway and carriageway work give more detail.

Take a look at the one way closure diversion route and full closure diversion route

From March 2018

A programme of enhancement works in Shrewsbury town centre will begin in March, including the upgrading of Pride Hill.