Shropshire Council

New memorial, cloister garden, Longden Road Cemetery, Shrewsbury.

Later this year we'll arrange the installation of a new memorial in the cloister garden at Longden Road Cemetery. The memorial is to remember and commemorate the lives of infants who very sadly lost their lives at a very young age, and were then cremated at Emstrey Crematorium during the time when ashes were not recovered.

We've worked closely with parents and the parent group Action for Ashes, and a design for this new memorial has been agreed on. An artist has been commissioned who is now in the process of creating the memorial. 

We hope the memorial will be a suitably fitting tribute, and also become a location where families can visit to pay their respects, remember, reflect and grieve for their children.

The memorial will be carved from Portland stone, will be installed in the round central border in the cloister garden as shown on the attached plan, will stand around eight feet tall and will take the form shown on the attached artist’s impression.

We recognise that it will be a considerable change in this area when little has changed here for many years, and consequently, out of courtesy, wished to notify you of this change in advance. 

We're not seeking comments on the design or installation of the memorial, as a commitment has been made to parents to install it in this location. However, should you wish to move an existing memorial item or you have any questions to discuss or concerns to raise, please get in touch with us on 0345 678 9000 or email

We believe that the memorial will be a positive addition to the cloister garden and enhance the space for everyone. Thank you for your understanding.