Shropshire Council

Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy

Shropshire Council’s Regulatory Services is committed to improving standards in private rented sector housing, bringing empty homes back into use and ensuring private rented accommodation is well managed, properly maintained and safe and habitable.

The private rented sector plays an important role in the County’s housing market. Shropshire Council shares the Government’s desire to support good landlords and agents who provide decent well-maintained homes and to crack down on unscrupulous landlords who are flouting the law and seeking profit from their noncompliance.

Shropshire Council is keen to strike the right balance on regulation in order to avoid stifling investment in this sector. A small number of rogue or criminal landlords knowingly rent out unsafe and substandard accommodation. The Council is determined to create a level playing field for all landlords by dealing robustly with criminal, rogue and irresponsible landlords.

 Section 126 and Schedule 9 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016 gives Local Authorities the power to impose civil penalties (financial penalties) of up to £30,000 on individuals and organisations, as an alternative to prosecution, for certain Housing Act 2004 offences.

If the Council believes that it has a reasonable prospect of a conviction in a particular case, it will always consider a civil penalty in the first instance and only by exception will it seek alternative measures such as prosecution or formal cautions.

For more information on these new measures please see our Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy.