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Collaborative works

We know how much of an inconvenience road works can be. That’s why, wherever practicable and possible we always encourage works promoters (e.g. utility companies) to work together and share the same excavation or traffic management.

The graph below shows the number of collaborative works we have organised in Shropshire over the last four quarters:

Graph 1

We put a lot of effort into trying to reduce disruption to the public by arranging for works promoters to work together as much as possible. The figures show that over the last four quarters there have been on average 19 collaborative works sites per quarter, equivalent to six per month.

Days saved from collaborative works

Arranging for works to take place collaboratively has a massive impact on the highway network, as it reduces the amount of time that the highway is occupied with works and traffic management (eg road closures, traffic lights etc).

The graph below shows the number of days of works on the highway saved as a result of collaborative works over the last four quarters:

Graph 2

76 days of works on the highway per quarter have been saved as a result of works promoters working collaboratively. This is equivalent to an average of 25 days per month.

Take a look at a list of locations around the county where efficiencies have been achieved through collaborative working. 

Works duration challenges

When works promoters (eg utility companies) apply to work on the highway, we always ensure that the length of time they are asking for is justified. If we feel they are asking for too long, we can request for the works to be done in less time. This is called a ‘duration challenge’. This also helps to reduce disruption on the highway network by ensuring that durations of works are not unreasonable.

The graph below shows the number of duration challenges we have issued over the last four quarters:

Graph 3

The figures show that on average 149 works durations per quarter were challenged by us, this is equivalent to 50 per month.

Repaired utility company defects

We protect our highway by operating a vigorous inspection regime, which identifies where there are inadequacies in the quality of workmanship of reinstatements. If a works promoter (eg utility company) hasn't completed work to the required standard, we'll issue them a defect and make them come back to put it right. This helps to ensure that inadequate work doesn't go on to develop into pot holes at a later date.

The graph below shows the number of utility company defects that have been repaired in Shropshire over the last four quarters:

Image 4

The figures show on average 212 utility defects were repaired per quarter, equivalent to 71 per month.

Safety inspections

Our team of inspectors work tirelessly to ensure that the safety of road users and pedestrians is not put at risk whilst works are taking place. Our rigorous inspection regime covers not only the inspection of reinstatements but also live sites, to ensure that works promoters are carrying out their works in accordance with required safety standards.

The graph below shows the number of safety inspections that were carried out in Shropshire over the last four quarters:

Image 5

Our inspectors instigated measures on 154 of sites inspected in quarter four to bring them to required safety standards and ensure that members of the public were not put at risk.

Further enforcement

In circumstances where there have been serious safety breaches, or severe disruption to road users has been caused as a result of a works promoter breaking the conditions of their work permit, we take this extremely seriously and will prosecute for these offences.

Find out more about just such a recent prosecution.